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I love YouTube, I think it’s an incredible marketing platform, but I’m frustrated with how difficult it is to get a YouTube video noticed. At the time of this writing over 30,000 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube daily. With this mind-boggling amount of video, how do you stand out?

You don’t, unless you get lucky. Not even clever, viral content can guarantee you the amount of views you need to become a hit. There’s simply TOO MUCH competition.

As a seasoned online marketer I tried and tried to tap into YouTube traffic, but found my videos got lost in the mass, but then I discovered HOW to rise to the top FAST – all with total ease. You need to increase the amount of views, subscribers, favorites, likes and comments. YouTube ranks videos based on popularity and the more popular your video appears i.e., the more views, subscribers, comments, favorites and likes, the higher you’ll rank in YouTube search results, garner awards and placement on their featured pages.

I’ve tested this again and again and again and, let me tell you, this is the only way to succeed on YouTube. When people see you have a popular video they begin to comment, pass it around, etc. It’s basic human psychology. People like what’s popular.

Some people think they can use SOFTWARE BOTS to increase YouTube views. With YouTube’s last update software bots no longer work. YouTube strictly goes after ROBOT TRAFFIC and if you try to use one of these services (if you find one that even works) you stand a high risk of getting your YouTube channel banned.

I’ve spent the last year creating a powerful traffic server platform that sends REAL HUMAN VISITORS to your YouTube video. They’ll watch your video, subscribe to your channel, leave comments, give likes and favorites. I spread traffic out over time, but within 24-72 hours of placing your order you’ll see the results and watch you video begin its rise to the TOP.

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